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The Pub Draft List

Pub Draft List


Draft Beer


Reveler’s Tonic - 5.2% Baby IPA. A dope little hoppy treat we brewed with our pals from @VerdantBrew of Cornwall, England. We mashed in barley and a generous bit of malted and flaked wheat, then hopped it heavily with Mosaic and Amarillo. We’re getting super ripe notes of a kumquat salad, Amarillo head shops, fresh mandarin juice, floral papaya, and a whole box of fucked up danish.

Majorette - 6.7% IPA A magical and hazy oat IPA brewed with enormous portions of Citra and Mosaic for all the great flavors. Creamy cloud-like notes of mango sherbert, clementine pudding, dried pineapple trail mix, honey graham crackers, an orange creamsicle, and some Easter candies.

Static Minds - 8.2% DIPA Get plugged in, Static Minds DIPA is back. We brewed this one with barley and lots of oats and hopped it with big amounts of Strata and Citra. It has some really beautiful notes of orange blossom honey, when you can see and smell the droplets of citrus juice in the air as you peel your fruit in the morning sunlight, some pineapple custard, and a few dried apricots.

Fanfare Encore - 5.5% West Coast Pale Ale. It’s crazy, everyone can’t stop talking about Malted Corn West Coast Pale Ales and no one knows where to get them! Don’t worry, we got you - with some Fanfare Encore, brewed with some malted corn from @DeerCreekMalt and hopped heavily with Nelson Sauvin, Cascade, and Comet. Joking aside, malted corn brings some crazy biotransformation capabilities that you really wouldn’t suspect, and seems to work really well with the right hops. We’re getting wild notes of purple Big League Chew, white grape jam, psychedelic grilled bananas, sweet lemon poppyseed scones, and some strawberry hard candies. Be the first on your block to crush some Malted Corn Pale Ale this summer and you’ll be the talk of the neighborhood!


Solaire - 5% Miixed Culture Saison Our beloved saison brewed with barley and spelt from @DeerCreekMalthouse, hopped with lots of our favorite Hersbrucker, and fermented with our Foraged Yeast Culture. This batch reminds us of others, and presently has notes of lemon bubble gum, yellow or green SweeTarts, wild cherries, tamarind soda, and some dusty dried pineapple wedges.


Weather Man - 3.3% Wheated Grisette. We’re pretty proud of all the saisons we brew, but man, this one really pops! It isn’t really any one thing that stands out, just how beautifully all the parts come together into something magical. We brewed it with @DeerCreekMalt barley and a high percentage of wheat, hopped it with Saphir, Grungeist, and Hersbrucker, and fermented it with our Foraged Yeast Culture. We are tasting notes of Juicy Fruit Gum, dry chamomile, ripe peach, anise and pepper, ethereal homemade cola, pasta water, and saison day dreams.

The Cloud of Unknowing - 6% A citrusy saison brewed with barley and wheat from @DeerCreekMalt, hopped with Grungeist and Opal, fermented with our 2021 Foraged Yeast Culture, and naturally carbonated and conditioned with orange and calamansi. Super bright refreshing notes of tart San Peligrino creamcicles, top shelf Juicy Fruit Gum, classic ripe in season navel oranges, a bit of vanilla, and some etheric multigrain home bakes. 6 Percent can get you going too, if you’re looking.



Side Pulls

Poured from Czech Lukr faucets for an extra creamy head


Sun Ray Lager - 5% Dry Hopped Lager. Oh yes, this one hits the spot. We brewed this one with premium German Pilsner malt and hopped and dry hopped it with respectable doses of Strata and Cascade. When that refined doughy German barley flavor finds that crisp clean lager note and melts into that fresh fruit hop character, you can really feel it! We find notes of fresh pear strudel, gentle donut peaches, homemade pasta boiling, salt free crackers with lemon marmalade, and lots of great beer flavors.

Beach Towel - 4% A Light Lager. A beautiful light lager brewed with fine German barley, a double decoction mash, and hopped delicately with Hersbrucker and Grungeist. We’re tasting notes of lemon poppy seed scones, orange blossom honey, rustic crackers, gentle anise hyssop, and your pal eating some honeydew next to you. Pairs really well with summertime.

Festbier - 6% Lager. This one is really a perfect fall lager, brewed with a double decoction of German Pilsner and Munich malts, hopped with delicious bags of Hallertau Select hops, and fermented slow and cold with our lager yeast. It pours a rich honey color with notes of that classic Munich toast, fresh apple strudel, ethereal spaetzle water, a bit of lemongrass tea, and a rich maltiness that paradoxically finishes dry.



Hand Pumps

Served cellar temp from our stillage via British beer engines

Stone Flower - 4% Munich Pub Ale

A superb little Fall pubber. Brewing our Festbier really got us thinking about using more Munich malt as the colder months begin to roll in. We brewed this one with 100% Munich malt and hopped it with Fuggles and dash of Styrian Wolf.

This pub ale presents a gorgeous golden honey hue and wafts with a nose of freshly baked bread and candy. Beautiful notes of dark berry jams atop medium setting toast, dark chewy candies, and those classic British esters.


E.S.B. - 5.6% Brewed with a rich base of British Golden Promise and a beautiful mix of British specialty malts; hopped with East Kent Goldings and a bit of Fox and Columbus; and fermented with our favourite British ale yeast. We’re getting real classic notes of country store marmalade, cherry pie, comforting crystal malts, and appropriately sassy bitterness, some digestif biscuits, and lovely dry finish with whiffs of caramel.


Pigeon of the Peak - 6% British IPA. This is one fine daddy IPA. We mashed Maris Otter and some crystal malt, hopped it in the kettle (only the kettle!) with East Kent Golding, Columbus, and Wolf, and fermented it with our London ale yeast. Such a fine beer, it’s hoppy, without the hops being the dominant thing; the malt character is there, but it finishes dry; you can really just drink it! It has notes of orange cream, fresh bread, grapefruit breakfast, granola, apple pie, and even some Twizlers.





Gin and Tonic - Manatawny Stillworks Gin, house-made tonic $10


Vodka and Tonic - Boardroom Spirits Vodka, house-made tonic $10


Vodka Hibiscus - Boardroom Spirits Vodka, house-made hibiscus tonic $10


Vodka Strawberry Basil - Boardroom spirits vodka, house-made strawberry basil tonic. $10




Galen Glen 2020 Rose - Lehigh Valley, PA $12


Galen Glen 2020 Gruner Veltliner - Lehigh Valley, PA $12


Allegro 2018 Cabernet Franc - Adams County, PA $12




House Made Sparkling Mineral Water - $2


N/A Spritz and Tonic - Mineral Water with house made tonic, brewed with gentian root, citrus, and a touch allspice and cardamom. $4


N/A Hibiscus Tonic - Mineral Water with house made tonic, brewed with gentian root, citrus, hibiscus, anise and a touch cinnamon. $4


Athletic Brewing Co - Free Wave Hazy IPA n/a -  12oz can $6


Apple Juice - $2


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