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The Pub Draft List

Pub Draft List


Draft Beer


Last Dance - 5.5% Hazy IPA. This one hits different. With a base of barley and wheat malts, we loaded this beer with tons of Crosby Hops estate grown Comet and lots of Mosaic. We’re getting notes of lime skunk, apricot puree, perfectly sweet mangoes, Nilla Wafers, and when Uncle Tim puts marijuana in the lemon curd.

Pub Stout - 4.6% We brewed this proud little Pub Stout with malted and flaked barley and a lovely mix of British chocolate and roasted malt. Ambler’s hard water, while not so great on the plumbing in town, is really just perfect for dark beers like this. We’re getting notes of homemade Black Forest Cake, cold Tootsie Rolls, chocolate with caramel crunch, medium well toast, chyavanprash, and maybe a chocolate covered strawberry.

The Cloud of Unknowing - 4.5% A citrusy saison brewed with pilsner malt from @DeerCreekMalt, hopped with Hersbrucker and Mandarina Bavaria, fermented with our Foraged Yeast Culture, and naturally conditioned with orange and calamansi. Super bright refreshing notes of tart San Peligrino lemon creamcicles, top shelf Juicy Fruit Gum, classic ripe in season navel oranges, a bit of vanilla, homemade limeade, and fresh hay.

Wall of Time - 4.7% Our favourite little Kolsch returns! This batch features premium German malts and Saphir and Styrian Fox hops. Most of us here at F&M don’t show our emotions very much, but please know we have a lot of inner excitement when it comes to Kolsch. This one has notes of artisan crackers, lemon peel and herbs, homemade strudel, and perfect honest beer flavors.

Growing Light - 4.5% Saison.  We brewed this lovely saison with pilsner and wheat malts, hopped it with Styrian Wolf, and fermented it with our Foraged Yeast Culture. We’re getting notes of vanilla brioche dough, herbal Styrian hop flavors, some Big League Chew, lemon and lime zest and pith, and a long, dry, hoppy finish.

Solaire Reserve - 5% Foeder Saison. Every brewery has a flagship 750ml Green Bottle, and Solaire Reserve is ours! Solaire has evolved with us over the years, starting in garages and basements (brewed with herbs and spices in some early iterations!), honing in at our original location over 10 years, and coming into its most recent incarnation at our new production brewery. This latest move has brought the addition of foeder fermentation to Solaire’s repertoire. Solaire is brewed entirely with @DeerCreekMalt spelt and barley, hopped entirely with Hallertau Hersbrucker, and is presently fermented in an oak foeder with our Foraged Yeast Culture. The foeder retains a healthy population of our mixed culture as well, so current batches of Solaire come out of the gate with a balanced fermentation profile of wild yeast, brettanomyces, and bacteria.

Solaire has notes of clean vanilla oak, tamarind soda, lemon verbena, anise hyssop, Juicy Fruit gum, cracked white pepper, a gentle acidity, and some peach sweet tarts. Solaire is a special one we’ve always been super proud of 🙂

Empty Sea - 8.1% Baltic Porter! A style we’ve always admired, but never yet brewed. We mashed this beer with a sizable bill of German barley and an assortment of special and roasted malts. It was fermented cold with our lovely monastic lager yeast, and lagered in the cellar for many weeks. Notes of homemade whole wheat raisin bread, star anise, burnt cookie bottoms, Thai basil, and some austere chocolate pudding.


Side Pulls

Poured from Czech Lukr faucets for an extra creamy head


Dark Lager - 4.8% This is a really pretty dark lager. We brewed it with our favourite German barley and a special mix of dark and roasted malts, and hopped it with the finest European hops. We’re getting notes of baking with chocolate, grape “flavor,” a whiff of some toasted hazelnuts, classy amber lagers, and an impeccably balanced hop flavor. It goes down nice!.

Dinkel Lager - 4% Spelt Lager. This beer is so damn nice. Brewed with a double decoction of  German barley and lots of German Spelt malt, hopped singularly with Saaz, fermented slow and cold with our favourite lager yeast, and spunded at the end of fermentation to capture lots of beautiful tight bubbles and extra flavors. We’re getting notes of lemon verbena, Nilla wafers with royal icing, homemade pasta and homemade white bread, and maybe a whiff of white pepper. Very guzzleable, indeed.

Feathered Fields - 4% Rice Lager. One of our most favourite things we have in common with each other here at the brewery, is how much we all love rice. It’s Gerard’s most favourite food ever, and for everyone else, definitely a top ten. Anyway, it was about time we put some rice in a lager. For big boy macro breweries, rice is often used in lagers as a cheap way to lighten the body and provide fermentable sugar. Given our love for this little grain, we were hoping to capture more of its flavor in the beer. For this reason, we selected some really aromatic heirloom Basmati and Ponni rices, cooked them in our mash kettle, and then mixed in the rest of the German Pilsner barley for our standard lager decoction mash. We hopped it with a balanced amount of Hallertau Mittelfruh and Motueka, and fermented it with our lovely lager yeast before spunding and cold conditioning for many weeks.
It pours an ethereal straw color with a white head like a cumulus cloud on a sunny day. We’re getting notes of a pot of steamed rice in the kitchen, fresh apple strudel, snappy white crackers, lemon verbena, a banh mi roll, and really just what we think a rice lager should be.


Hand Pumps

Served cellar temp from our stillage via British beer engines


Appropriate Alchemy - 4.5% A delightful hoppy Pub Ale. Brewed with British Golden Promise and hopped with lots of American Strata. It has notes of citrus marmalade on fresh biscuits, orange meringue, classic British malt flavors, and an ethereally balanced finish. We brewed this one a few years back and loved it so much we had to make it again. It’s the kind of beautifully simple beer that always catches our hearts.

Bosun - 3.7% Mild. We made this lovely pale Mild with our kindred pals from The Seed of Atlantic City, NJ. We mashed in a thoughtful blend of Thomas Fawcett Spring Barley with some Amber and Brown malt; hopped it gently with East Kent Goldings; and fermented it with our favourite British ale yeast. It pours an earthy honey color, and we’re getting notes of timeless British pubs, marmalade and medium well toast, some almond pastry, fresh cut pear, and split oak. We’re really in love with this pale Mild.

E.S.B. - 5.6% Brewed with a rich base of British Golden Promise and a beautiful mix of British specialty malts; hopped with East Kent Goldings and a bit of Fox and Columbus; and fermented with our favourite British ale yeast. We’re getting real classic notes of country store marmalade, cherry pie, comforting crystal malts, and appropriately sassy bitterness, some digestif biscuits, and lovely dry finish with whiffs of caramel.





Gin and Tonic - Manatawny Stillworks Gin, house-made tonic $10


Vodka and Tonic - Boardroom Spirits Vodka, house-made tonic $10


Vodka Hibiscus - Boardroom Spirits Vodka, house-made hibiscus tonic $10


Vodka Strawberry Basil - Boardroom spirits vodka, house-made strawberry basil tonic. $10




Galen Glen 2020 Rose - Lehigh Valley, PA $12


Galen Glen 2020 Gruner Veltliner - Lehigh Valley, PA $12


Allegro 2018 Cabernet Franc - Adams County, PA $12




House Made Sparkling Mineral Water - $2


N/A Spritz and Tonic - Mineral Water with house made tonic, brewed with gentian root, citrus, and a touch allspice and cardamom. $4


N/A Hibiscus Tonic - Mineral Water with house made tonic, brewed with gentian root, citrus, hibiscus, anise and a touch cinnamon. $4


Athletic Brewing Co - Free Wave Hazy IPA n/a -  12oz can $6


Apple Juice - $2


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