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Charles’ Best - 5.5% A real nice new pale ale brewed with barley and malted oats and  hopped with lots of Motueka, Mosaic, and Strata. This one has notes of tropical starbursts, lemon mango cake, wild lilies, some strawberry preserves, and some flakey pie crust.


Pigeon of the Peak - 6% British IPA. This is one fine daddy IPA. We mashed Maris Otter and some crystal malt, hopped it in the kettle (only the kettle!) with East Kent Golding, Columbus, and Wolf, and fermented it with our London ale yeast. Such a fine beer, it’s hoppy, without the hops being the dominant thing; the malt character is there, but it finishes dry; you can really just drink it! It has notes of orange cream, fresh bread, grapefruit breakfast, granola, apple pie, and even some Twizlers.


End Zone - 6.4% Hazy Superbowl IPA. We brewed this hazy purpy for our dear friends the number one Philadelphia Eagles, as they go to the biggest game of all, that’s right, it’s the Super Bowl, and this is the beer to celebrate. We brewed End Zone with barley and malted wheat, and hopped it with generous sacks of Nelson and Citra. We heard the team likes this beer so much, they plan to go to the Super Bowl every time, just so we can make it more! We’re getting notes of sweet and ripe wild grapes, plump clementines, the gentlest pineapple trapezoids, cold apple pie, and some lemon curd on graham crackers.


Children of the Moon - 6% West Coast IPA. The time is right for a nice West Coaster. We brewed this one with German Pilsner, Vienna, and wheat malts and hopped it with lots of Idaho 7 and Chinook. We ferment our West Coast IPAs with our trusty British yeast, allowing it to drop bright and let those zippy hop notes shine. We’re getting notes of getting high in History class, NJ Pine Barren citrus sleepovers, orange curd on toasted white bread, professional mangoes, and a bowl of peeled clementines.


Dance Money - 6.5% Stout. We love our pale little lagers, our delicate saisons, and our light colored IPAs, but to be totally honest, the water here in Ambler seems perfect for these big roasty stouts. The hard water we have really accentuates the lovely chocolatey and roasted notes from the dark British malts we use. We brewed this one with a hearty mix of dark British malts and some malted oats, hopped it with Chinook and Columbus (one of our favourite old school combos), and fermented it with our trusty British ale yeast. We taste rich notes of chocolate covered raisins, figs, plums, farm made chocolate milk, a whiff of orange, cold brew coffee, and some roasted chicory.


Weather Man - 3.3% Wheated Grisette. We’re pretty proud of all the saisons we brew, but man, this one really pops! It isn’t really any one thing that stands out, just how beautifully all the parts come together into something magical. We brewed it with @DeerCreekMalt barley and a high percentage of wheat, hopped it with Saphir, Grungeist, and Hersbrucker, and fermented it with our Foraged Yeast Culture. We are tasting notes of Juicy Fruit Gum, dry chamomile, ripe peach, anise and pepper, ethereal homemade cola, pasta water, and saison day dreams.


Autumn Friend - 4.2% Saison

This year's autumnal ale was brewed with pale malt from our good friends @DeerCreekMalt, a dash of triticale and our favorite malt friend this season, Munich. It was hopped with Saaz, Opal and a bit of our attic aged blend. 

This little saison has all those classic yeasty fruit notes on the nose. Notes of pithy orange citrus, herbal hop funk, slightly toasted rye bread, and those classic saison peppercorns. 


Sun Vibes - 4.6% Saison Witbier. Oooboy, we’re really in love with this one. Sun Vibes, like its cousin Cult Vibes, takes inspiration from Belgian Witbiers, but as seen through the ol’ F&M saison lense. We brewed it with barley and triticale malts from @DeerCreekMalt, hopped it with aged hops and fresh Saphir, added some lemongrass and chamomile from @omaherbalteas, and a bit of coriander. We fermented it in one of our new oak foeders with our Foraged Yeast Culture. We did not add any of our mixed culture, so the funk and acidity that is present in Cult Vibes is absent here. What you find instead is a bright lemony little crusher of a beer, with notes of sunshine, spring honey, cooled chamomile tisane, citrusy bubblegum, dried mango, bright dandelions, and some psychedelic lemonade.


Terrestrial Teachings - 3.7% Saison. We brewed this saison in collaboration with our pals Tim and Thom @EverWildFarm , using a bunch of fresh fennel bulbs and fronds from their farm just up the road. We mashed a modest amount of barley, triticale, and wheat from @DeerCreekMalt, and added aged and fresh Saaz and Hersbrucker hops along with the fennel in the whirlpool. Tasty notes of gentle licorice fennel blooms, herbal peppercorns, tangerine honey pie, homemade bubblegum, ripe kiwi berries, and cool summer nights with the cicadas.


Solaire Reserve 5% Saison

Solaire returns! Our beloved saison brewed with barley and spelt from @DeerCreekMalthouse, hopped with lots of our favorite Hersbrucker, and fermented with our 2020 Foraged Yeast Culture. It was conditioned in the bottle with our mixed culture for maximum tiny fluffy bubbles and extra character. This batch reminds us of others, and presently has notes of lemon bubble gum, yellow or green SweeTarts, wild cherries, tamarind soda, and some dusty dried pineapple wedges. 



Side Pulls



Deciduous - 4.28% Smoked Lager

A beautiful little smoked lager that is really perfect for this cooler weather. We brewed this one with German pilsner and Munich malts and an appropriate heap of smoked barley. It was hopped with Tettnanger and Hersbrucker and fermented slowly and coldly. We find notes of scratchy sweaters by the campfire, apples cooking, dried herbs hanging, pancakes with crispy edges, and a few peppercorns.


House Lager - 4.5%

If you ask a parent if they have a favorite child, they will say no, but are they telling the truth?

We brewed this batch of House Lager with fine German barley, hopped it with Saaz, Grungeist, and Hallertau Blanc, and fermented it slow and cold. It has notes of crispy apple strudel, dry sparkling pear cider, hale bales at the farm-chic store, nettle tisane, and a parched herb garden.


My Lapels - 5.1% Dry Hopped Lager. We brewed this hoppy lager with floor malted Bohemian barley, hopped and dry hopped it with lots of Motueka and Mandarina Bavaria, and fermented it cold and slow with a Czech lager yeast. Notes of a pale ale we brewed one time, bready lager beer crackers, cilantro lime zest, tangerine curd, cold applesauce, and a spritzy little finish.



Cask Ales


Best Bitter - 4.2% This is the kind of beer where you can eat the whole loaf. Brewed with quality British Maris Otter,  two types of Crystal malt, and hopped with the classiest East Kent Goldings. We’re tasting lovely notes of fresh homemade wheat bread, cottage marmalade, well seasoned firewood, craisins and dried cherries, classic London-style yeast character, and a couple digestive biscuits. Get moreish!


Dark Mild - 3.9% Mild is the best beer, we hope y’all know that by now. We brewed this batch of Dark Mild with Maris Otter, British Crystal Malt, British Chocolate Malt, hopped it with East Kent Goldings, and fermented it with our trusty London ale yeast. We get notes of a bag of Wilbur Buds, gentle orange marmalade, whole wheat crackers, a fresh pot of English Breakfast.


Porter - 6%. This porter is one heck of a nice ale. We brewed it with lots of British Golden Promise, crystal, chocolate, black, and roasted malts; hopped it with some Centennial and lots of East Kent Goldings; and fermented with our favourite British ale yeast. It has notes of cool chocolate baking powder, dark cherry Twizlers, chocolate covered strawberries, whiffs of cedar, a fresh bag of coffee, and some cold raisins.





Gin and Tonic - Manatawny Stillworks Gin, house-made tonic $10


Vodka and Tonic - Boardroom Spirits Vodka, house-made tonic $10


Vodka Hibiscus - Boardroom Spirits Vodka, house-made hibiscus tonic $10


Vodka Strawberry Basil - Boardroom spirits vodka, house-made strawberry basil tonic. $10




Galen Glen 2020 Rose - Lehigh Valley, PA $12


Galen Glen 2020 Gruner Veltliner - Lehigh Valley, PA $12


Allegro 2018 Cabernet Franc - Adams County, PA $12




House Made Sparkling Mineral Water - $2


N/A Spritz and Tonic - Mineral Water with house made tonic, brewed with gentian root, citrus, and a touch allspice and cardamom. $4


N/A Hibiscus Tonic - Mineral Water with house made tonic, brewed with gentian root, citrus, hibiscus, anise and a touch cinnamon. $4


Athletic Brewing Co - Free Wave Hazy IPA n/a -  12oz can $6


Apple Juice - $2





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