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Above and Below - Saison 4 Pack

Forest and Main Brewing Co.

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Above and Below - 4.8% Saison. Omg we made a pumpkin beer. Don’t worry, no pie spices were harmed. We started this beer by sourcing a few hundred pounds of Mexican purple sweet potatoes and butternut and heirloom squashes from our friends @TaprootFarmPA in Berks County, PA. We then built a large fire in Dan’s backyard and spent a few hours slowly roasting them over the smokey coals. We mashed up all the cooked vegetables and the next day threw them in the boil of some lovely Saison wort - brewed of @DeerCreekMalt barley and spelt, Hersbrucker, Saaz, and Wolf hops. We also used some aged hops that we slowly smoked over the fire the day before. We then fermented as usual with our Foraged Yeast Culture. 

Upon first taste, after all that hullabaloo, it kind of just tastes like a nice saison, ha. As you go deeper with the beer though, it starts to reveal more subtle notes of smokey roasted pumpkin skin, a gentle sweetness, an earthy dryness, dried peach rings, apple cake, Juicy Fruit Gum, white peppercorn, and an anise hyssop flower tucked behind your ear. It’s one of our favourite Holiday Roasted Vegetable Ales ever!

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