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Feathered Fields - Rice Lager 4 Pack

Forest and Main Brewing Co.

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Feathered Fields - 4% Rice Lager. One of our most favourite things we have in common with each other here at the brewery, is how much we all love rice. It’s Gerard’s most favourite food ever, and for everyone else, definitely a top ten. Anyway, it was about time we put some rice in a lager. For big boy macro breweries, rice is often used in lagers as a cheap way to lighten the body and provide fermentable sugar. Given our love for this little grain, we were hoping to capture more of its flavor in the beer. For this reason, we selected some really aromatic heirloom Basmati and Ponni rices, cooked them in our mash kettle, and then mixed in the rest of the German Pilsner barley for our standard lager decoction mash. We hopped it with a balanced amount of Hallertau Mittelfruh and Motueka, and fermented it with our lovely lager yeast before spunding and cold conditioning for many weeks. 

It pours an ethereal straw color with a white head like a cumulus cloud on a sunny day. We’re getting notes of a pot of steamed rice in the kitchen, fresh apple strudel, snappy white crackers, lemon verbena, a banh mi roll, and really just what we think a rice lager should be.


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