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Affright - Barrel Aged Saison 750 Ml. Bottle

Forest and Main Brewing Co.

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Affright - 6% Barrel-Aged Biere de Garde collaboration with @FreeWillBrewing. We’ve been pals with the crew of Free Will since before we both opened our breweries over 10 years ago. Gerard and Nate go even farther back, to when they were brewing Saisons and Biere de Gardes together at McKenzie Brewhouse. This beer is a take on style we’ve lovingly adored this whole time. We brewed this with a solid base of fine pale barleys from @DeerCreekMalt, performed multiple decoctions, boiled it for an extended time with aged and fresh hops, fermented it with our lager yeast at rustic temperatures. We brewed this beer many moons ago and released a clean version of it called  Mortar and Pestle, but aged a portion in wine barrels with our mixed culture. The additional brettanomyces, bacteria, and wild yeast slowly fermented the beer further, adding more depth and character before we bottled and kegged it for a final round of fermentation and tiny bubble development. Afright is giving notes of thick oaks, wild cherry, cob-webby attics, tamarind seltzer, ethereal olive, whole peppercorn, and the paradoxical malty dryness we love in Biere De Garde. We’re super stoked with this one.

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