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Field Lager 4 Pack

Forest and Main Brewing Co.

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Field Lager - 4.5% Field Lager returns! While we’ve been using solely Deer Creek Malt in all our saisons for some time now, it is really fun to showcase the local grain in a nice light lager like this one. We brewed this one entirely with @DeerCreekMalt Colonial Pilsner and hopped it with Grungeist and Mandarina Bavaria. 

We’re pretty stoked on lots of stuff at our new brewery, but maybe most of all, we are very excited about the ability to brew decoction mashes on the brewhouse. With a decoction, we remove a portion of the mash (barley and liquid mixture) and boil it, return it to the main portion, raising the temperature through a series of rests. This process can lead to really beautifully refined malt character and head retention in the finished beer. Plus it’s pretty fun to do and nerd out about with your pals from @HumanRobotBeer . With Field Lager, we did a double decoction, and we think it adds a lovely depth to this beer.

We find notes of Downingtown in the early aughts, a cloud of lemon cake, barley tea, bolted wheat flour baguettes, a mild citrus scone, and snacking on clean crackers.

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