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Chapel Lager - 3.5% Lager 4 Pack

Forest and Main Brewing Co.

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3.5% Light Lager. When the lid is made of gold, a lager you are sold. This is a real fun one. We’ve often thought of our beloved saison Solaire as what a lager might taste like as seen through the lens of a rustic farmhouse brewing tradition. With this beer we took the base recipe of Solaire, malted barley and spelt from @deercreekmalt, and Hersbrucker hops, but fermented it with our favourite lager yeast at cold temps (quite the opposite of the hot saison fermentation). We managed the fermentation like we do for all our lagers, and spunded at the end of fermentation to capture all the natural carbonation. We’re getting notes of nostalgic regional light lagers, herbal pear seltzer, maybe some vanilla sugar, boiling homemade pasta, anise hyssop, and good times at the bowling alley. A real guzzleable light lager if you ask us.

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