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Fanfare Encore - West Coast Pale Ale 4 Pack

Forest and Main Brewing Co.

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It’s crazy, everyone can’t stop talking about Malted Corn West Coast Pale Ales and no one knows where to get them! Don’t worry, we got you - with some Fanfare Encore, brewed with some malted corn from @DeerCreekMalt and hopped heavily with Nelson Sauvin, Cascade, and Comet. Joking aside, malted corn brings some crazy biotransformation capabilities that you really wouldn’t suspect, and seems to work really well with the right hops.

We’re getting wild notes of purple Big League Chew, white grape jam, psychedelic grilled bananas, sweet lemon poppyseed scones, and some strawberry hard candies. Be the first on your block to crush some Malted Corn Pale Ale this summer and you’ll be the talk of the neighborhood!

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