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Anatta - Saison 750ml Bottle

Forest and Main Brewing Co.

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Anatta - 6% Saison. This is a real special little Saison - one of the last we packaged at our old location. It was brewed with our 2020 Foraged Yeast Culture (which had begun to produce a bit more acidity than usual), malts from @DeerCreekMalt, and aged and fresh Euro hops. The extra acidity the yeast was putting out enticed us to package the beer in some green 750s, and further let the character evolve.

While this beer never spent time in barrels and never had our mixed culture added (intentionally :) ), it has begun to show a lot of the same elements beers with those treatments typically do. Perhaps our space was suffused with that mixed culture and just needed the right conditions to be fully expressed. Or perhaps there was more in that 2020 Foraged Yeast Culture than we realized at the time. Regardless, we are loving all the tasty notes of ethereal tamarind, homemade pineapple soda, tangerine flesh and pith, ripe stone fruits, grape baseball gum, and ghosts of the past.

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